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Scented Wax Melts

Scented Wax Melts

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Fall into the season of coziness with this Scented Wax Melts Fall Wax Melt Cubes set! The perfect gift for any home decor fanatic or aromatherapy enthusiast, these handmade melting scented wax cubes come in an variety of 6 fall fragrances.

Create a special atmosphere with the refreshing aroma of each scent. They are specifically designed by our small mother-daughter shop to bring comfort and relaxation into your home. The fall scents wax melts included in our wax cubes variety pack are:
- Autumn Orange
- Apple Cinnamon
- Cranberry Cider
- Fall Flannel
- Orange Spice
- Amish Quilt

Each scented wax melt cube is formulated using ethically sourced natural ingredients to ensure bold and soothing scents that will fill any room. Simply place our strong wax scented melts into your wax warmer or a candle melt machine and you’ll have an instant burst of pleasant fragrance throughout your home that lasts for hours! Just 2 scented wax cubes will burn for days with a clean fragrance thanks to the natural soy-based wax and essential oils.

Whether you're looking for a pleasing ambiance or just wanting to complete your autumn aesthetic, these wax melt cubes are the perfect choice for you. If you’re searching for the ultimate fall scent combination, then look no further than this Wax Melts Fall Wax Melt Cubes set!

Enjoy powerful fragrances within minutes by simply a scented wax cube into a wax melt warmer. For dynamic aromas that linger long after they're gone, order your set of wax melt cubes for your warmer today and explore the wonders of scented wax melts!


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